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Zombie & the Immortal Jellyfish

A new concept in podcasting coming soon

Lenka Jencova-Bednarikova

Company Director,
Entrepreneur, Podcaster & Model

Ian M. Franklin

Chairman of The Lordian Group,
Philanthropist, speaker, entrepreneur & connector

Notes: Immortal Jellyfish; The hydrozoan Turritopsis dohrnii, an animal about 4.5 millimetres wide

and tall (likely making it smaller than the nail on your little finger), can actually reverse its life cycle.

It has been dubbed the immortal jellyfish.

The background image on this page does not represent a Turritopsis dohrnii and is for effect only


A zombie, according to pop culture and folklore, is usually either a reawakened corpse with a

ravenous appetite or someone bitten by another zombie infected with a “zombie virus.”

Zombies are usually portrayed as strong but robotic beings with rotting flesh.

Their only mission is to feed

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