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Sanna Sofia Kettunen

Brand design & custom art projects

BRAND BRILLIANCE BUNDLE - A new ALL-IN-ONE service where ALL THE ESSENTIAL VISUALS that you will need for a stunning and strong brand image that FEELS & LOOKS exactly like YOU and your BUSINESS will be created for you as a bundle.

Consultation & coaching

Sanna Sofia Kettunen Bio

Founder & Principal of SANNASOFIA DESIGN

Co-Founder of Lordian Creative & Non-Executive Advisor of The Lordian Group



I'm a graphic artist and designer as well as being an author from Southern Finland.

As a graphic designer I design logos, banners amongst other visuals that create a unique brand identity and brings out the best in you and your business or company.

When it comes to art, I can create anything from book covers to personalized art and visuals to support your story or message.

My passion and strength is found in imagination and storytelling. For me design and storytelling is about creating a strong FEELING and curiosity within the viewer.

I love combining different elements and techniques in my art inspired by everyday objects and moments in life.  I am very playful when creating and I love "hiding" and adding real life objects into my designs.

In a personal context, I formerly taught very young children in my home Country of Finland. I also became an author, having published my first book in 2022 called; ‘The Best Is Yet To Come – Rediscover Who You Are’

A small selection of my private work from my Portfolio can be seen on this page and the video below

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