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We are experts on Single Family Office

A Family Office is not just about having the right skills available to you as a (U)HNW family, in order to make the right investments. Neither is it just about your tax planning, your wealth planning and management, it’s not just about your family trusts or your various corporate services.

Consider the title itself; ‘Family Office’.

It is possible that as the head or senior member of your whole family unit, you have accrued your wealth through or as a result of your businesses that you either inherited from your previous generations or that you may have built yourself from start-up or early stage. You may even have made a killing on a previous investment!

Or, you may have inherited significant wealth from your previous generations. You may have made your wealth through your sporting achievements or you may have become at the ‘top or canopy of the trees in the forest of success’ from within the entertainment industry or similar.

If you have built, made or inherited your significant wealth, it is likely that you have professional advisors on board with you who manage your financial affairs, maybe an accountant, probably a tax specialist, or a lawyer and so on.

But have you created your full single Family Office entity, have you made available to you other experts who can get to know your family, the psychology of everyone within the family, understanding any egos that may exist, specialists who can understand what the different members and generations of your family are thinking when it comes to how the wealth is used?

Have you considered your philanthropy, your giving, any social responsibility? Should you form a Foundation especially if you have passions where you can help in various different ways around the world….or just locally?

What about your lifestyle? For example, you have an ability to enjoy your life, you may want to get that yacht, fly everywhere in your own plane, get the hyper/super car you have been promising yourself.  You may also want to make private investments in 1st edition books, wine or whisky, and not forgetting art.

There are other aspects of families, that should be contemplated. How is the family wealth affected when family members get married, or even separated or divorced?  What happens on the passing of one or more of the family members?

All of this is where Lordian Family Office expertise comes in.

Whether or not you have heard about family offices before, many or all of the above are things you should seriously consider when there is significant wealth involved. You should also be aware of a bucket full of compliances, regulations, rules, laws, especially if you are international. 

We don’t necessarily create a physical or tangible entity as such (unless it is part of our brief), but we source the globe for the best experts in all and more of these fields, disciplines and professions and make them available to you so that the load of complications can be eased from you and your family, the expertise is on the other end of a phone, e-mail or other forms of media and communicationThe experts will be highly skilled and will gain a thorough knowledge of you and your family so that they will be able to advise honestly, pragmatically and directly with you and your family.

This is what we do, we get to understand your family office needs and requirements…and we create it!


Founder Finance Podcast – the key to the family office

Who has the key to the family office?

The answer as you may have thought is not very many people. It’s a position of trust to connect founders and entrepreneurs with people who have the money, as everybody wants to get in but not everybody deserves the trust and attention.

So on Nick Harrison’s founder finance show we had a key holder, Ian M Franklin, the chair of the Lordian Group, a connector and person of influence

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