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Welcome to Lordian Connections

Lordian Connections is a highly confidential facility, enabling and facilitating introductions and connections into the global wealth & family office spaces and communities.

Such introductions and connections are achieved ONLY under special and/or exceptional circumstances so as to retain and maintain integrity, confidentiality and anonymity.

This facility will usually be appropriate for private invitations to special events, procurement and/or supply of specialist 'high ticket items, such as cars, aircraft, yachts, gems, art, fine wines, etc.  

(Note: As from 1st March 2024, we will not be involved with making connections that facilitate investments)

Lordian Connections also has a charities, CICs, and foundations advisory service

Lordian Connections is GDPR/international DP compliant

For information, e-mail
call +44 (0)113 534 6101
+44 (0)787 438 3369

Lordian Connections proudly supports SEED - Eating Disorder Support Services

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