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Welcome to Lordian Creative Ltd

A new multi-disciplinary creative platform

Lordian Creative has been Co-Founded by the Chairman of The Lordian Group; Ian M. Franklin and
Sanna Sofia Kettunen of SANNASOFIA DESIGN
Whist already in operation, Lordian Creative will be soft-launched in early 2024 and much of this page is still being built, so please bare with us.  If you would like to discuss any of the skills below in the meantime, please click on the 'General Enquiry' button
The Platform of Services already include and will include such professional disciplines as:

Please click on the appropriate button(s) above to be connected to Lordian Creative and the relevant Affiliate(s) 
or e-ma
il with 'Creative' in the subject heading. You can also call our main number on
+44 (0)113 534 6101

+44 (0)787 438 3369

Note: Lordian Creative does not source nor manage sponsorship for events



Lordian Creative Ltd (Pt of The Lordian Group) supports The Vana Trust

Lordian Creative - for your business event

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