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Lordian Connections
Confidential GDPR/DP compliant private connections primarily within the international (U)HNW & Family Office spaces

Lordian Philanthropy

The core of The Lordian Group!

Raising awareness & funds for special & selected causes

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Lordian Family Office Advisory

Advisory/Consultancy & Building Single Family Offices for (U)HNW/Billionaire families in the UK, Europe and other locations globally

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Lordian Linkedin - Profiles & Connections

Expert design of your Linkedin personal & business profiles and how to build your connections and how they can work for you



Visuals & imagery at their best to work with your business & corporate branding and events

Lordian Creative

The one-stop platform for business and corporate event creation

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Zombie & The Immortal Jellyfish

A brand new concept in business podcasts


The Lordian Interviews

 'Special' uncut, unedited, raw interviews with a small selection of 'special' people

Due to the current restructuring of The Lordian Group, there may be some disruption to the website. Please bare with us during this time. Thank you

Parallel Lines
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Most of the Businesses within The Lordian Group support a different Charity within the United Kingdom. 

Check on each Business page for Charity details and links or click on the logos

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