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Based; Yorkshire, United Kingdom



𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗶𝗿 of 𝗟𝗼𝗿𝗱𝗶𝗮𝗻, NED, Linkedin Coach/Tutor, Speaker, Events


Entrepreneur & Philanthropist, Linkedin connections and profile Coach, Family Office, HNW/UHNW/Billionaire space international expert, luxury marketing, lifestyle, and specialist talent/traditional top-end headhunter. NED, Start-Up Business Advisor for UK Founders over 55, and Speaker.


C0-Patron of Vana Trust


UK based Ian M. Franklin, is an influential, well connected, passionate entrepreneur, visionary and business strategist, an experienced International Talent Strategist and Headhunter for the global wealth markets & a skilled Company Chairman/award winning CEO/Director/Board level Professional, with 40 years experience in the 'people industry'. Also a Philanthropist and car enthusiast.



WINNER: Best New International Family Office Talent Search Firm 2020 (Stickfest Group Ltd) by SME News UK Enterprise Awards

WINNER (Joint): CEO of the Year 2020 (Ian M. Franklin) awarded by the CEO Monthly Magazine

Mariett Ramm.jpg

Mariett Ramm


Based: UK, France & USA


Is there still any doubt, after 2 and a half years of a global Pandemic, that LinkedIn is the top social platform to use to build businesses and personal brands, not to mention profiting from the goldmine of possibilities and opportunities that come with this powerful professional network?  Well, I hope not.


I am a LinkedIn “veteran” but the last two years have dramatically accelerated my professional growth.

I am here to help you achieve that same and more.


Why am I qualified to do that?

I have gained over 90,000 followers organically, authored 2 bestselling books: #1 Bestseller The Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn and #1 New Release in The Eve Code Empowering Today’s Woman To Become Her Own Chief Empowerment Officer - AUTHENTIC. INFLUENTIAL. POWERFUL, got more than 30 million content views and built a mastermind group that is booked out until the end of September, 2022. Served 500+ clients for LinkedIn Services, built and sold an online exclusive magazine that was built with the help of LinkedIn and basically without zero spent on marketing, established a successful speaking career with min 5 invites a month to speak at conferences and podcasts across the globe, collaborated with high-net-worth individuals as well as Fortune 500 companies to increase their financial bottom line.


Jayc Ryder

Interview Host - The Lordian Interviews

Jayc Ryder has a resume that defies the mind. With adventures in Retail Management, Corporate Sales & Marketing, Project Management, Education and Training, Dancing, Personal Development, Workshops, Mentoring, Hypnotherapy, Television Hosting, On Stage Speaking, Coaching and Connection, you would think that this was more than the life of one man.

Since the youngest age, Jayc has always been a Dynamic Story Teller. Through sales, training, consulting, coaching and mentoring he discovered that his greatest ability, his greatest skill was invoking insightful emotional reactions through stories that touch the mind, body and soul. These stories would change lives, increase sales & profitability, heal broken hearts, resolve lifelong difficulties, challenges and much much more.

Jayc would take his audience, be it 2 people to 20000 on a colorful, emotional journey & there would be tears, laughter, emotional exclamations, reconciliation, resolutions, profits and sales, love, passion and purpose, so much so, that their lives would never be the same again.


Chrissy Can

Ambassador; Lordian Ltd


Sanna Sofia Kettunen

Founder and Chief Creator; SannaSofia Design

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