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Welcome to The Lordian Group
The LordianGroup Businesses include:

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Lordian Creative - The one-stop platform for business and corporate event creation

SANNASOFIA DESIGN - visuals & imagery at their best to work with your business & corporate branding and events

Lordian Linkedin - Profiles & Connections - Expert design of your Linkedin personal & business profiles and how to build your connections and how they can work for you

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Lordian Connections
Confidential GDPR/DP compliant private connections primarily within the international (U)HNW & Family Office spaces


The Lordian Interviews - 'Special' uncut, unedited, raw interviews with a small selection of 'special' people

Lordian Family Office Creation

Building Single Family Offices for (U)HNW/Billionaire families in the UK, Europe and other locations globally

Parallel Lines
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+44 (0)113 534 6101

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Most of the Businesses within The Lordian Group support a different Charity within the United Kingdom. 

Check on each Business page for Charity details and links or click on the logos

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